Do Not Allow Your Pets to Eat: Corn, Wheat or Soy - It's Deadly!

Excerpt below from:

"What ever brand of pet food you decide to feed to your cat or dog make sure the pet food does not include Corn, Wheat, or Soy. These three grains are killers. Corn, Wheat and Soy are toxic to cats and dogs. Cats and dogs are meat eaters and should not be fed grains. The grains are included in pet food not as a benifit to cats and dogs but only to cut the cost of producing pet food.

Dogs and Cats on a diet which includes corn, wheat, or soy will develope "hot spots" on the skin, hair loss, itching and scratching, flaky skin, paw licking, elevated body temperature, ear infections, swelling, increased nail growth, moles, enlarged kidneys, enlarged liver, blindness, heart conditions, tumors, and eventually will die an early death."