B^|1.It is time to Study the Constituition of the United States And stop all of this nonsense claiming "that's unconstitutional." Oh really!
2017-02-07 18:37:3145
B^|2.Lucky February 2017, happens only every 823 yrs
Lucky February 2017, happens only every 823 yrs. Share it.
2017-02-04 16:48:0050
B^|3.Panama Papers Leak Orchestrated by CIA?
Wasn't it odd that no Americans were named? That was very suspicious. John MacAfee of yes MacAfee Anti-Virus and running on the Libertarian Party for President, reveals the purpose of the leak. Excellent expose' to help us see through the illusion.
2016-04-08 15:25:5980
B^|4.Love'em or Hate'em Here is the Bar Neked Truth
Trump supporters way under reported by Main Stream Media as evidence by this one video in Wisconsin. I heard rumors of this, so here it is....
2016-04-05 13:59:5778
B^|5.Trans Siberian Orchestra - Get your Holidays Started Right with TSO - HD
OMG! OMG! We went last night to their concert in Portland, Oregon, which by the way is where they played their first ever Concert. This was truly a transcendent experience. We encourage all to experience the TSO. Awesome. Exhilirating. Amazing. Beautiful. Words do not adequately describe the experience.
2015-11-30 13:14:0784
B^|6.Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot Portal - A Very Very Brave Woman
We have lost many hours of sleep listening to her interviews. She covers topics others are afraid to touch. This woman deserves an award!
2015-07-01 11:45:1873
B^|7.Measles vaccine. No one died when we got the Measles
We expected to get measles, mumps, chicken pox. It was just part of the growing up process. There are childhood diseases that simply don not kill. It is more likely that you will become more ill than you ever imagined if you get a current vaccine. Read the letter in response to this video.
2015-02-20 12:59:06123
B^|8.Zombie Vaccine - Get yours Today!
Don't read the ingredients - Just do what the Psychopathic Media tells you to do and leave your brains at home.
2015-02-13 12:02:35133
B^|9.NEW - Busting Fear Friday's 7:00pm PST - Live - Call In
NEW - live internet show - "Busting Fear" Friday's 7:00pm PST, - - Call in - share your "Busting Fear" techniques. #bustingfear FB:Busting Fear
2015-01-16 17:13:40123
B^|10.Rock Goddess
At just 7 now 8 yrs old!
2014-03-29 12:30:00244
B^|11.Now That's a Dancing Bear sort of
Do not try this at home.
2014-03-27 15:06:05301
B^|12.Dogs Know When They've been Caught
Both sad and funny
2014-02-22 13:09:39206
B^|13.Guardians of the Galaxy
8.1.14 What? I gotta wait 7.5 months to see this!!!
2014-02-21 13:38:31212
B^|14.Do Not Mess with the Irish
The Fighting Irish has a whole new meaning...The 2nd Video is a repeat and bears to be repeated...3rd Video at 2:30 the banker reveals that he will have nearly 50% less because of the increase of the 20/80 shifting to 35/65. Now wanting to reduce the population is making more sense...
2014-02-14 15:15:55173
B^|15.Game of Thrones Season 4 Preview
Over 1M views and just posted 20 hours ago...
2014-02-10 15:11:32175
B^|16.The New Girl Scout Cookie Selling Strategy
Clever Very Clever
2014-02-09 14:02:12189
B^|17.Fox NewsChannel gets Owned by Guests
Are these tv journalists being fed inaccurate information, or do they have a slanted agenda? I reported, you decide...
2014-01-28 14:30:43204
B^|18.How to Stand Up To and Challenge Illegal Police Procedures
A compilation of educational videos to protect yourself.
2014-01-24 17:30:29180
B^|19.Higher Education - Teaching Truth with Visual Aids
It takes an Action Figure - Go Figure...
2014-01-24 13:59:56211
B^|20.Russel Brand politely nails how Piers Morgan operates
I recommend viewing Russell Brand's "Messiah Complex." Not posting it here because it uses derogatory language - it is a brilliant expose on how language is utilized to manipulate....
2014-01-04 12:03:56192
B^|21.And Now for your Christmas Light Show
Use full screen and turn up those speakers.
2013-12-21 17:46:24220
B^|22.What is inside your smart phone
Hey, this is a community that helps if your need to repair your devices...
2013-12-14 15:09:07207
B^|23.Excellent Production for 2013 in Review
Do you know all the references? I missed a couple
2013-12-12 12:38:49226
B^|24.And Now for some Holiday Cheer
It's a commercial and a very, very good and clever. It will warm your hearts
2013-12-11 11:25:25216
B^|25.Golden Voiced Clown
Singing "Royals"
2013-11-03 12:51:41275