Evidence of our New Police State

"The people are NOT supposed to be divided, and that is what the Government always try to do. The Government is supposed to be divided, so that you can't ever get a dictatorship." Alex Jones. The division of Government is the issue that the Founding Fathers understood and desigmed in our Constitution. Executive Orders, the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security, FEMA and such, have sneaky definitions of action, that have eroded our Constitutional foundations. Our peace officers were once guardians of the Republic. Our peace keepers are now "Secret Police" due to DHS and FEMA. Supporters and those wanting to get back to the Constitution and even saying the word Constitution, makes anyone now a terrorist!

In Part 3 they call the Founding Fathers the first USA terrorists - from a FEMA training video!
The Founding Fathers were removing themselves and their families from an "outta control." government that did not allow citizens individual freedoms from illegal searches and
seizures, and threw citizens into jailed slavery without a trial of their peers!

Interesting that is now what the USA has become. There is something incredibly "outta control," with the mind that must always create fear to manipulate. What is the endgame of all this
manipulation? What is the source of this falsely created fear? Who benefits? Why?

In 2009 the Pentagon requested 379,000 military troops through out the USA.  Hmmmm

Why was a miliatry unit checking seatbelts in Whiteville, Tenn?

Did you know we have an "American Police Force," owned by a private corporation?
This is odd....

Headline "Haliburton Subsidiary Gets Contract to Add Temporary Immigration Detention Centers"
The government must be expecting a massive influx of Canadians or Mexicans to the USA...
Does the government know something about Canada or Mexico that they are nor sharing with
the USA citizens?

George Bush had WW!I internment camps refurbished...

This is also odd.....
Remember that WTO protest in Seattle in 1999?
Staged disruptors showed up, and then city leaders do not let police stop them.
True protestors do not hid behind masks and hoods, they want to be seen!
Then the true protestors were taken to those detention centers.
Are we being programmed to accept this false reasoning.
Create a staged disruption amongst a true protest, then gather all up
and haul off to a Haliburton detention center?

Then those staged distruptors "anarchists" are given free housing, heat, water, etc.
WTF? And yet true protestors are arrested and in jail. 250
true protestors were arrested and the anarchists get nothing!
Something is not right here. This is extremely odd...

Apparently infiltrators of these protests are now the SOP.
Notice how the infiltrators cover their face...
This is no longer "odd" it is now SOP (standard operating procedure)
to attempt to create trouble and they are no even a part of the protest.

CEO's now serve as secret FBI informants under the Infragard Program.
Even Church leaders are part of FEMA, with instructions on how and
what to preach. On preacher claims the government is established "by the Lord."
Since when?? Who benefits by that concept?

Hitler bragged that it was the clergy that was his most powerful domestic tool
and he used the Bible text in Romans 13 where it talks about "rendering unto Ceasar..."
That is how to behave - not that government was created "by the Lord."

The "terrorists" excuse was and is being used to turn us into not Republic as
forevisioned by the Founding Fathers, but an insidious well planned elimination
of our Constitution and the Rights it established for the people.

People who can come into your home and businesses without a warrant, such as cable installers,
cleaning services, firefighters, repair services, etc., are on the government payroll as spies!
Children are now also being trained in schools to spy on their parents and are rewarded with $$$.
Your tax dollars at work!!!

How many of you know that the Posse Comatatus Act has been revoked?

Wait it gets worse. The Boy Scouts are being trained on seek out and destroy missions
to take out disgruntled veterans of the US armed forces!

Even the Girl Scouts are being trained in anti-terror strategies.

"...if you talk to our Generals, they are desperate for, is a civilian counterpart
to our military forces.." Barak Obama

"We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national
secrutiy objectives that we set, we've gotta have a Civilian National Security Force, that is just as powerful, that is just as strong, just as well funded." Barak Obama
I wonder if the people cheering in the background to that statement really understood
the deeper meaning of that statement??

Rom Emanual has stated that all citizens below the age of 64 will be conscripted into service.

Our police have now been turned into "political enforcers" not to crime fighters. This is the how the police operated in Communists Russia, Nazi Germany and Maoists China...
Political enforcers job is to spy on the public and to intimidate free speech.

"Once the people have been intimidated to withdraw from the field of intellectual battle,
the tyrants have a free hand to expand their oppression and looting of the helpless surfs."
Alex Jones.
This my friends is exactly what the Founding Fathers knew would happen, because that
is what history demonstrates repeatedly. Our Constitution was designed to prevent
political tyranny.