Your Dogma is defining you. Be undefinable and set yourself free.

Had to post my comment I put on FB to someone who his very fractures by the current political environment. I think It is worth reading. Maybe it will help you also. Faith Dominoe

You have bought into the Fake News Dogma. Challenge yourself to have no Dogma's. That will help you to clam down. Much of the stuff you listed HRC had already done and was set to do more. You don't know HRC. Look up what has happened to Dearborn, Michigan. Europe is finally awake and pushing back. Observation without Dogma will really set you free. Try it, you might like it. I just listened to a lesson that said "I have no neutral thoughts." Un neutral thoughts create Dogma's. It has been very difficult in this political season to have neutral thoughts. Fake News has infused many more Dogma's creating more and more separation. This is the original sin. Separation. A false belief in separating from the Divine Source. That is where all of our pain is sourced. Separation. Then we have projected out our guilt to blame others. Is this sounding like what has occurred in the current political season? Blame, blame, blame. Blame solves nothing. Another lesson says "we are never upset for the reason we think we are." We are upset because more separation is being created in this Earthly journey. We can heal the separation. It takes much effort. It is a mind practice and many are just lazy and don't want to heal the mind. The unhealed mind is where all of this false separation comes from. You are attached to a false narrative of separation and buying into the Fake News that creates more separation - thus creating more pain. Check your Dogma at the door and learn who you really are. You are none of those things you listed. You are much more. Your Dogma is defining you. Be undefinable and set yourself free.