B^O51.TSA to issue ID wrist bands, with the ability to disable you.
Jesse Ventura reveals some interesting things. Conspiracy Theory is back on TruTV in November 2013. Jessie says we are now The Fascists States of America. He defines Fascism as to when Religion and Corporations take over the Government. He said he is "thinking" about running for President in 2016. View the Police State of the Fascists States of America...
2013-07-30 17:17:32249
B^O52.Police Office shoots 8 to 10 week old kittens in front of Children
There is no reason for such horror to manifest, unless he is a psychopath!!!
2013-07-28 14:06:12247
B^O53.Police Officers required to meet Ticket and Arrest Quotas!
He just wanted to protect and serve, and got a rude awakening with the "new" Police Chief. We have heard rumors for years - now unfortunately it is proven to be fact. The Police Chief received his orders from??? The answer is revealed...This scenario is to force the good law enforcement officers out, and let the bullies reign! Hmmm, what countries allowed/allow this behavior with their police force?
2013-07-28 13:46:47325
B^O54.Huge Comet Arriving 11.2013
Huge Comet? Really? Could it be something else? Some great research in the 2nd video. They bring up the God thing again. God/Spirit/Divinity has no reason to punish. Why do you think the Universe is billions of yrs old? So we have enough time to get it. That is the point of re-incarnation!
2013-07-26 16:08:31369
B^O55.11 Yr old girl leaves family, would rather die than marry.
This is a very smart child. She is right - it is criminal to rob her of her childhood, education, dreams.
2013-07-23 15:59:32322
B^O56.Congressman Bridenstine Lays Out Indictment Against Obama
Wow! that really sums it up....
2013-06-05 12:51:37384
B^O57.Alien Agenda Revealed
Maybe that is why Obama is not so supportive of Keshe, because Keshe figured out it is all about magnetics... Aliens wanted that kept secret - the magnetics. Good thing "Source" has a different agenda and gets the information though.
2013-05-27 12:19:34417
B^O58.Motor Vehicle Insurance Fraud Attempts Fail
Watch out when you travel in Russia.
2013-05-25 15:33:10425
B^O59.Chem Trails Are Not in Your Best Interest
This cannot be a "human" agenda....
2013-05-19 12:25:28404
B^O60.FEMA hire Actors - See the Documents, Train Media
to make all of this appear real.
2013-05-04 15:03:54416
B^O61.Congressman John Haller is shocked by this Bill
More FEMA stuff - So does this mean that our military is diverted and unavailable to assist should such horrors occur. How can they now this stuff, unless they are planning it?
2013-05-04 14:21:09433
B^O62.FEMA Alert FEMA Alert
This is horrific and it is in the USA. Many believe these bombings and kids killing kids, is orchestrated by a nefarious part of our government, to justify these FEMA prisons. What say you?
2013-05-04 14:12:54399
B^O63.Cops Take Infant Because Parents Wanted 2nd Opinion
This is outrageous. CPS kidnaps child with false claims of neglect. Parents ruffed up even though they were co-operative.
2013-04-29 15:20:50351
B^O64.The New Bail-In Economy for Bank Failures
Prepare to be robbed of your funds....The Plan is to confiscate funds from independent banks and small credit unions, so that consolidating all finances can be a conglomeration of just the 6 major banks. Coming to a neighborhood near you.
2013-04-13 15:36:04425
B^O65.Protecting Bank Illegal Forclosures
Unbelievable! Then not providing to the families the documents about the illegal foreclosures.
2013-04-13 15:35:04425
B^O66.Want a Free House?
Great allegory to help anyone understand what this New Health Care Legislation will cost you - Freedom and Liberty.
2013-04-13 12:53:20452
B^O67.Gun Facts Infographic
Read and learn Piers.
2013-04-07 13:27:35441
B^O68.Intelligent Theives USING YOUR Intelligent Devices
2013-03-17 14:16:26417
B^O69.Warning!! Not for the Feint of Heart
Disturbing and towards the end very gruesome. If these events are true - you need to know such things are occurring and not reported.
2013-03-16 15:24:05435
B^O70.Home Assault - You are on your Own till Police Arrive
20 to 60 minutes after you call! Ludicrous replies: bleach, ammonia, bat, scream, lock self in bedroom, put phone up to ear, and more really stupid suggestions BY THE POLICE!!! America giving up your guns is our Doom*&)^$^@&
2013-03-13 16:02:41417
B^O71.Joe Biden is so wrong about a Double Barrel Shotgun
He recommends that to his wife. Some one comments: He must hate his wife." Ar15 much easier. Guess J. Biden is not so familiar with how guns respond. That is just like a politician to make things up.
2013-03-02 20:10:51465
B^O72.Children 10 yrs of age now forced to take vaccinies by USA Govt
Even if the parents say NO! What historical event about 65 years ago in a European country does this remind you of? Don't know your history - look it up!
2013-03-02 19:25:50332
B^O73.This is Outrageous
Is our government wanting to incite civil unrest?
2013-03-01 04:46:02469
B^O74.A Daughters Tragedy in Texas about 20 yrs ago
Not much has changed has it.
2013-03-01 02:31:13444
B^O75.212 Toxic Chemicals Found in Blood that were Banned over 30 yrs ago!
We are such F*%*)_&#$@ Idiots
2013-02-27 14:06:58283