B^/101.One Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
Found this graphic at the beginning of a youtube video. This image really does say it all and I wanted to celebrate this brilliant metaphor depicted in such a thought provoking graphic. There are so many things that this image represents. It is a "whole" statement in one image.
2012-01-14 15:04:091,360
B^/102.War is for "Special Interests" - not "National Security"
If we all could think these points through, to their conclusions - would we take a stand and refuse to participate? We have allowed this nation to become despicable. American scammed again!
2012-01-14 13:43:27353
B^/103.PRINCESS NAKAMURA of Japan has contact and says
2012 will be plunged into 3 days of darkness. Well I want to know what happens to the Sun? She does have some good points. However there is nothing wrong with anyone's Soul.
2012-01-09 04:22:43610
B^/104.When an Empire expands beyond it's means to support that expansion
Your daily Scam Update America: Which is what America has done - collapse is inevitable. From the perspective of a journalist who has been out of the USA for 20 years. A very sound and thoughtful expose.
2012-01-08 17:58:04378
B^/105.Could this be why the News Channels do not tell you the truth
Who benefits from withholding the truth?
2012-01-05 18:22:32532
B^/106.Scammed again America...
When are we going to wake up and stop the insanity!
2012-01-05 14:09:27479
B^/107.Think you know Iowa
Oh Yaa - You don't know Iowa....R rated - some swear words
2012-01-02 14:08:23549
B^/108.Penn Jillette explains the 2012 candidates
Warning: From the perspective an atheist...At least his perspective is not filtered through a religious bent.
2012-01-01 16:32:35480
B^/109.The Real Reason to Militarize our Police
Fargo, N.D., Seriously! Those companies producing military equipment, will have to cut back production of those war materials. Oh! How sad. Just retool and create items for a Peaceful World. All we have to do is simply refuse to participate in war and participate only in activities that support Peace and improve unhealthy conditions. Surely there is enough work in that field for decades to come! TCoF
2011-12-30 17:44:02494
B^/110.Cat Beats back Crocodile
Wait for it! Wait for it!
2011-12-30 17:29:28533
B^/111.Veterans Support Ron Paul and a Return to a Constitutional System
So now the truth finally comes out. It was Brittan who asked for our help back in the '50's so they could steal the oil out of the Middle East and now we are paying the price. How can anyone assess any of this without all of the facts? America you been scammed again!
2011-12-30 13:26:05424
B^/112.The Planet Venus! No Way
If this is Venus, she is a very busy girl and participating in very "high strangeness."
2011-10-26 17:27:19572
B^/113.Very Interesting Phenomena Around the Sun and Earth
Lucy, Somebody's got some 'splaning to do!
2011-07-12 19:00:41588
B^/114.Extreme Ice Food Hunting
The people of Kangiqsujuaq in Canada go to great lengths to add variety to their diet of seal meat, venturing under the sea ice during the extreme low tides of the spring equinox to gather mussels.
2011-06-11 14:09:05700
B^/115.TSA Pat Down - Lady Very Upset
I've been waiting for this. It was just a matter of time. If you were a child of molestation and abuse, or an adult that was assaulted, let's get real here - trauma to the body, mind and spirit, that is yet unhealed - those TSA pat downs, could certainly trigger such a reaction.
2011-06-08 14:21:58632
B^/116.Egyptian Teacher much more brutal to the girls than the boys!
Notice the person filming laughing at the beating of the girls! This is clearly not balanced punishment, he is much less brutal with the boys!
2011-05-27 17:10:17515
B^/117.Disaster Shelter in just 24 hours..
Lasts for 10 years, and you can even hide it! Fire resistant too.
2011-05-19 18:00:16595
B^/118.Mad Baseball Skills
Who rules the Pro or the Mom? You decide.
2011-05-16 12:55:00788
B^/119.Chinese Government orders cities to be built
And very few inhabitants occupy them. Perhaps they could rented them out for post apocalyptic movies.
2011-05-14 15:51:48711
B^/120.This is Sad, Cute and Disturbing all at the same time
Guess they start them out real young over there.
2011-04-29 16:58:31514
B^/121.This is Heart Breaking and Heart Warming
Joe the paraplegic bunny gets some rad transportation.
2011-04-29 16:54:23551
B^/122.Yup. Now it's an Ego-Out-Of-Control Policeman in the USA.
Apparently something has happened to cause Policemen from the UK to the USA to believe they can do whatever they want, and make up reasons to do it. Perhaps the candidates for the Police force, aren't well screened for anger issues. There is something in the US Constitution, about illegal search and seizure. How is it a question gets you seized, and put in a police car? Aren't you glad that camera's are so available to prove what citizens have been saying all along.
2011-04-29 14:57:01498
B^/123.Policeman in the U.K. unable to quote "law"
I have heard rumors that police type authorities, just make stuff up. Must be a slow crime day. Apparently this policeman, can't recognize his out-of-control-ego, and attempts to make some one guilty of an imaginary crime.
2011-04-29 14:25:31531
B^/124.The Cheetah Whisperer
This is a astounding. Who knew it would be a woman conquering these magnificent creatures?
2011-04-18 12:56:05596
B^/125.China Bans Time Travel !!!
For all you Quantum Leapers, Back to the Futurists, Time Cops, Terminators, 7 Day'ers, Dan Burish Fans, John Titor Followers, What the Bleepers, Time Tunnel Boomers, Quantum Physics Parallel Dimensions Physicists, you know who you are. China has different ideas...
2011-04-16 13:01:57572