$@j@$1.Gringotts Grand Re-Opening
Your Freedom begins here...Once you grasp how this leads to Freedom for all, you will start coming up with ideas about how to help non-profits, community organizations, churches, etc., you can also start an organization that you have always wanted to create - the possibilities are endless.
2017-07-06 15:04:1969
$@j@$2.New Announcements Coming for Gringotts8
2017-0130: Check back for updates
2017-01-30 16:06:3353
$@j@$3.The real Ponzi Scheme and the world has been duped
You do not have to stay in the ponzi scheme deception. There is a way out. While you may not be able to get entirely out, you can protect yourself, your family and friends. It will take some time to get yourself educated, so that you can make a clear choice on what is the right for you. Lesson #1
2017-01-02 18:05:5079
$@j@$4.Gringott8 Grand Opening
Decentralization and Distruption technology is the new emerging technology that will create freedom and beyond for all peoples of the world. Join the FB private group: Gringotts8.
2016-09-09 01:55:37113