B^O1.Decoder's Needed - Apply Here
How will you help others decode the corruption that will shortly be revealed and turn their world upside down? This is a call to Arms. Q: "Where We Go One, We Go All." Don't know "Q"? Get ready to help your fellow humans...
2018-05-22 15:18:157
B^D2.Brilliant expose' of how the Psychopaths operate
Brilliant expose' of how the Psychopaths operate. Regardless of whatever else is said, pay attention to the explanation on psychopaths
2018-05-19 13:54:019
(#j#)3.Horrific, Diabolical, Evil, Sinister, Shocking
I had to stop at the hour mark. I could not finish I was so fractured by this. This is the most evil despicable secret cult ever. The most evil horror of a psychopathic operation Prepare yourself.
2018-04-29 13:16:3815
B^O4.You'd better get ready folks
You'd better get ready folks
2018-04-14 13:27:1723
B^D5.The Enlightened Know the Way of the Psychopath
A prime example of psychopathic creep and the process by which they they inverse truth and create the false narrative. The Psychopath is not Lionel. Can you spot the psychopath? Learn the Way of the Pschopath, so you are not seduced into their web
2018-04-06 14:03:1630
B^O6.Link to current Indictments - Do you know "Q"
2018-03-20 16:21:0361
B^D7.Learn the Way of the Psychopath
Learn the Way of the Psychopath so you can understand their tactics and the psychopathic systems they create to support their agenda. Once you know their methodology - you will be able to recognize other psychopath's and their systems. Enlightennment may not be what you think it is.
2018-03-16 15:23:1547
B^O8.hrc secret
hrc secret
2018-03-11 15:35:0459
B^O9.A New Kind of New World Order
Be patient and wait for it, wait for it. Pay attention to what is said about the new Steel Trade deal. Listen and learn. Pay attention. Listen to TrueLiesQNN, CBTS, Jerome Corsi, Seething Frog, Q. That will get you started. Hint in video link, how to be on the inside...
2018-03-06 18:33:0369
B^O10.Here it comes
Buckle up buttercup
2018-03-05 17:20:1063
B^O11.The more you know about the coming storm
The better prepared you will be to help others through and survive it. We have provided many presentations on this site that will help you understand the bigger picture. Don't panic, stay calm, observe.
2018-03-05 16:23:1985
B^O12.Q and Counter Coup
Here is what is really going on behind the scenes regarding the Trump take down. Do not listen if you can't handle the truth.
2018-02-25 17:05:2778
(#j#)13.Who Chose this Supreme Court Justice - RBG
Ruth Bader Ginsberg wants to lower the age of consent to 12!!! What about having a childhood? I was shocked to learn of her ideas from the 70's that are now issues on multiple levels. From where does her loyalties emminate?
2018-02-20 15:19:3282
B^O14.You don't know [Q]
Jerome Corsi reveals....
2018-02-16 14:48:0775
B^D15.Here is your Valentine Feb 14, 2018 from "[Q]"
If you cannot handle the truth do not listen...
2018-02-15 15:15:1670
B^v16.Dead from the 2018 Flu Shot - Melania requets staffers not to get flu shot
Many who have died from the 2018 Flu received the flu shot prior to exhibiting the flu and many have died as a result
2018-02-06 15:16:5080
B^O17.What? Really! OMG!
Take notes - I Did. I thought I knew this stuff. Well I do. However, not like this. It definately added to my knowledge base.
2018-01-15 13:25:31126
B^)18.Beautiful Production of a Christmas Tradition
Whether you believe or not - this exemplifies how exquisitely humans can manifest beauty. Why can't we all exist in such a beautiful moment and extend that world wide?
2017-12-21 15:17:47118
B^D19.Learn the way of the Psychopathic Cabal
Psychopathic System designed to prevent you from connecting to the Divine. Lies to misdirect, false systems to enslave your mind through mind tyranny, and any horror to traumatize you...
2017-12-16 14:42:40121
5||20.Put on your Sun Glasses
Three videos on different topics that will blow the hair off of your head
2017-11-19 14:20:410
(#j#)21.Learn how the Psychopathic Deep State operates - JFK assination
It is time to review the courage of this woman, who's life. family and career were threatened - because she knew the truth...
2017-10-29 12:28:50122
(#j#)22.The Set Up - Fail! Fail! Fail!
Hmmm. The twitterverse timeline. People who thirst for power are attracted to politics. There needs to be psychopath vetting to keep them out of government. It is the psychopaths that have created worldwide havoc. 1 in a 100 is a psychopath. You have likely interacted with several in your lifetime and were unaware. We all must learn how the psychopath operates. It took over 7 billion people to expose the horrific corruption created by psychopaths.
2017-10-29 12:05:13143
B^)23.this is the type of stuff we need to show aliens to prove we aren't a bunch sh__ for brains
This is who we truly are without Dogma. The Title is a comment of the viewers of this. 65,000 in unison. Imagine how we could transform this world by setting aside Dogma's that only divide.
2017-10-27 13:01:09126
$@j@$24.Live Streaming from London this weekend. Get your Free Account
They heard you! - You’ll be able to watch every second of the event from the comfort of your home, office or wherever else you have a computer and internet access. and
2017-10-26 15:44:16150
B^|25.News Alert: China announces exitence of UFO's and Aliens
Wow! Wow! News Alert: China announces existence of UFO's and Aliens!!! They have always believed so it is not a difficult announcement. Who knew...Well now we know too
2017-10-16 13:32:41145