B^J251.What Happens in the Elevator Stays in the Elevator
and the restaurant and the Drive Through - til it goes viral. Your daily Q.T.
2014-02-21 13:24:24402
B^v252.You can be Vital and Healthy even after Radiation Exposure
Great advice for healthy living. It is simple and in expensive too.
2014-02-20 18:00:57335
{(0)}253.Earth Thunderstorms Used to energize ET ships
Crop Circles are from other dimensions to circumvent the lies told to us by our governments. 2nd Video possible cloaked entity. From Russia...
2014-02-17 15:42:12313
B^O254.Judge Sells Kids for Cash to Private Detention Centers
The children are tortured on many levels. America we have a problem.
2014-02-16 15:17:27352
B^J255.Remember the Torino 2008 Olympic Cat Curling Event?
Your Daily Q.T.
2014-02-16 14:55:49383
B^Q256.Science Class is now in Session
McCollough Effect, Why Glass is Transparent, Bacteria at 33,000 Ft.
2014-02-16 14:44:06243
B^)257.Get your Valentine Hugs here
Your daily Q.T.
2014-02-14 15:18:18370
B^|258.Do Not Mess with the Irish
The Fighting Irish has a whole new meaning...The 2nd Video is a repeat and bears to be repeated...3rd Video at 2:30 the banker reveals that he will have nearly 50% less because of the increase of the 20/80 shifting to 35/65. Now wanting to reduce the population is making more sense...
2014-02-14 15:15:55239
B^|259.Game of Thrones Season 4 Preview
Over 1M views and just posted 20 hours ago...
2014-02-10 15:11:32233
B^O260.More than 1 in 100 Americans are in Jail
This is a very sad expose' on the USA. One commentator says this is backdoor slavery...OMG - now it makes sense why corporations are making such profits. They are using the prisoners to make consumer products and don't have to pay them anything!!!
2014-02-09 17:42:23350
5||261.Caution: New World Order Ahead
Great Signage: Elite Controlled Depopulation...Forced Vaccinations...World War III...
2014-02-09 16:50:46150
B^O262.More UK Police Sheanigans
Note she keeps saying "I think" and does not quote the law ever.
2014-02-09 16:06:48351
B^O263.UK Police caught on Film lying
Reminder never, ever answer any questions. These UK Police are attempting to subject the Pedestrian to a non-relevant procedure. The Pedestrian does not directly answer the false claims. Note the dialogue of the falsely accused.
2014-02-09 15:56:07322
B^|264.The New Girl Scout Cookie Selling Strategy
Clever Very Clever
2014-02-09 14:02:12255
B^O265.Fake Snow - Not melting when put to flame and turns black and smells
WTF! WTf! Many believe this is the result of those Chem Trails...Turns out Butane is not a good test, as it has a low burning temp, so it does not explode in your lighter. However that slimy stuff is kinda creepy.
2014-02-09 12:14:50240
B^O266.Sochi Olympic Hackers Steal your info in less than 1 minute
I really despise that this information must be made public. Too bad we just cant relax and watch or participate safely.
2014-02-09 11:57:41266
B^)267.Ah the wonderment of that first Rain
Ah the wonderment of that first Rain
2014-02-08 15:41:42391
B^|268.Fox NewsChannel gets Owned by Guests
Are these tv journalists being fed inaccurate information, or do they have a slanted agenda? I reported, you decide...
2014-01-28 14:30:43273
B^v269.Monsanto Shareholders asking questions about GMO's
Well it's about damn time. " calling for the Monsanto Corporation (MON) to disclose the real financial risks to shareholders and other stakeholders for producing genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) over the past two decades."
2014-01-28 14:11:06431
B^v270.More young adults skipping the flu vaccine - Yea - Fear tactics not working!!
"Either the truth about vaccines is finally reaching the masses or Americans in general have simply lost trust in the government and the pharmaceutical industry"
2014-01-28 13:37:58833
5||271.Dump your Angry Birds and cut of the NSA snoops
"the president focused largely on the NSA's collection of the metadata from US phone calls and made no mention in his address of the large amounts of data the agency collects from smartphone apps."
2014-01-27 15:22:151,303
B^O272.You are not required to talk to any Police Person, says Law Professor
Also never answer questions for the IRS, unless granted immunity. Watch and learn. The odds are only stacked against you. Keep quite, say nothing...Even telling the truth will be used against you.
2014-01-25 17:40:44261
B^J273.The Poop Exchange
The Poop Exchange
2014-01-25 15:41:34430
B^/274.What if all our actions creates unity world wide?
One song many nations. Watching got to me to thinking. What if every person on Earth created something that does no harm and provides world wide harmony? I know this is the core of who we really truly are. It is the politicians, who are invested in keeping us separated. Why? Because they are socioopaths...
2014-01-25 14:56:30288
B^)275.This Man Knows Natural Law and Exposes the Falicy of Courts
Gave this the "beauty" category - because this is a thing of beauty to watch. How many of you do not know what this man understands, and buys into the false court system, which is a maritime court - in which you have no constitutional rights? Hey, when the judge leaves the court room - he has abandoned ship!
2014-01-25 03:00:33303