B^D126.Richard Branson Gets It
Only a Psychopath or a Psychopathic System will make things complicated so that you cannot figure out what they are truly up to. Faith Dominoe #TheEnlightenedPsychopath
2016-06-12 11:35:41256
B^D127.New Facebook Group - The Enlightened Psychopath
Share what has helped you to be set free from the psychopath and psychopathic systems. We want to know...
2016-06-07 14:39:57207
B^D128.Toto's pulling back the Curtain and showing you what is going on
The Enlightened must not be afraid to pull back the curtain and really look at those who are manipulating behind the scenes. Once you know - you can choose to not pay the game. A psychopath will never ever tell you what they are really up to. It is up to you to look, then strive to understand that you now have the power to set yourself free.
2016-06-07 12:41:09141
(#j#)129.The Psychopaths are now exposed and they have nowhere to hide
"Psychopaths are the apex predator of the human race and unless you are like them, you can't keep up the pace." Faith Dominoe, The Enlightened Psychopath - The reason there is so much furor over Donald Trump is because just by being himself he is naturally exposing the psychopathic systems, created by the psychopaths. The Psychopaths rather than accepting responsibility attempt to claim "conspiracy." So when it is true, then it is no longer a conspiracy...
2016-05-31 13:29:26144
B^D130.The Enlightened DO NOT support the Psychopathic Agenda
This is a classic expose' on how the Psychopaths operate. Do not be their minion or supporter. Do not give in to their manipulation to create chaos. Notice how this one does not get involved, by hiding behind others to carry out the chaos. The Divine needs no chaos. To stop playing their game you must look at the game and the operator behind the curtain. Be "the Toto" and pull back the curtain.
2016-05-30 13:37:41138
(#j#)131.Two little Psychopaths creating a scheme
You cover my butt and I will make your life a dream. Your lesson begins. Learn how to recognize the Pschopaths, and more importantly learn to recognize the Psycopathic Systems they create. It exists in governments, politics, medicine and more. 1 in 100 is a natural psychopath, so you will encounter them and their systems several times during your life.
2016-05-29 12:42:16170
B^/132.What do Scott Baio and New Gingrich Have in Common?
They "git" it. What do John Stewart and George Clooney have in Common? They don't "git" it. On a baser level this is a great example of Enlightenment vs the Psychopathic Agenda that strives to be covert. Get ready folks as we are about the help you understand the diverging paths of the Psychopath and the Enlightened. Article is in the process, so check back...Faith Dominoe
2016-05-13 12:48:44291
5||133.Waiting for Disclosure? It won't come from the USA Gov't
Me thinks they have learned not to trust the Governments. Wonder where your tax dollars really go...It is not what is above. It is more likely what is below...If you knew a planet's civilizataions were constantly warring - would you get involved or pass it by. Me thinks there is a concerted effort to keep us killing each other so disclosure won't happen. We need go grow up and stop the unnecessary killing and murder.
2016-04-26 16:06:4642
(#j#)134.How did Cruz get Colorado Delegates with no votes from the people?
I have tried to keep out of this, however, if nothing else the political corruption is now in your face America, and now the world also knows...If you don't know where the psychopaths hang out, then you will get caught in their trap.
2016-04-12 12:20:47131
B^{}135.Nikola Tessla, Black Knight and Pepsi - Whaaaat?
What is Pepsi telling us? To learn more about Nikola Tesla? To investigate the Black Knight that has been orbiting our planet for 13,000 yrs? Choose to live in Peace? Now that is something we can all choose. Peace. Hmmm
2016-04-10 11:12:45210
[:]^[]136.Portland State Anti-Trump Group Swarms Trump Supporters
How do such things happen? Who is influencing these Anti-Trump supporters to be belligerent and block Freedom of Speech? This is disturbing...
2016-04-09 14:44:27211
B^|137.Panama Papers Leak Orchestrated by CIA?
Wasn't it odd that no Americans were named? That was very suspicious. John MacAfee of yes MacAfee Anti-Virus and running on the Libertarian Party for President, reveals the purpose of the leak. Excellent expose' to help us see through the illusion.
2016-04-08 15:25:59208
B^O138.Whay have 269 Walmarts closed?
Why would Janet Napolitano be concerned about suspicious activity around Walmart only and not other large store complexes - and ask you to report it to police? Hmmmm
2016-04-08 12:42:40301
B^|139.Love'em or Hate'em Here is the Bar Neked Truth
Trump supporters way under reported by Main Stream Media as evidence by this one video in Wisconsin. I heard rumors of this, so here it is....
2016-04-05 13:59:57217
B^O140.Reality Bending Software. Now we will never know what is true and what are lies
Now we will never know what is true and what are lies. As if we don't have enough issues discerning the truth and lies now....
2016-04-04 17:07:35182
B^D141.You, Me and the Fabricated Apocalypse explaind
Love him or hate him - this is a very clear and succinct description of You, Me and the Fabricated Apocalypse. The youtube title "most powerful interview..." is accurate.
2016-04-04 16:56:22173
B^D142.More from David Wilcock and Corey Goode
This is both Enlightening and Psychopathic. Enlightening from the information that also exposes the Psychopathic agenda. You must be willing to grasp the Psychopathic agenda and influence so that you can avoid it.
2016-04-04 16:20:21188
(#j#)143.12 Yr old Girl Explains the Financial Crisis
Hey even though she is in Canada it applies to any corrupt massaging of money in the many massaging forms people can think up. Why in the Psychopathic category? Because it is the psychopathic mind set that knowingly causes such suffering with out empathy or compassion for fellow human beings. Watch the movie "The Big Short" to understand how these psychopaths accomplished this financial tragedy.
2016-04-04 16:12:57169
B^D144.Ken Wilbur explains the stages of Religiousness to Spiritual Awakening
An excellent expose on why we are still stuck in the Dark Ages in our rational thinking processes when it comes to Dogmatic Religion. You have a choice, stay there or choose to Awaken Spiritually.
2016-04-04 16:03:22103
B^D145.David Wilcock with Corey Goode Jan 20, 2016 - Confirms and expounds on the item below...
There Be Giants....
2016-02-01 16:05:13138
B^D146.There Be Giants - Well about 50,000 Years Ago
Synchronicity abounds. Never in my life experience have I been so affected by reading the 5 books, by Peter Moon. See below "Come Along if you Dare," and "Enlightenment is a Journey..." This video unbeknownst to me, was the next step in the line of synchronicities of this experience. It is a summary of the Discovery of a long forgotten history of Earth contained in those books. Listen and pursue the journey for yourself.
2016-01-15 01:58:09260
B^|147.Trans Siberian Orchestra - Get your Holidays Started Right with TSO - HD
OMG! OMG! We went last night to their concert in Portland, Oregon, which by the way is where they played their first ever Concert. This was truly a transcendent experience. We encourage all to experience the TSO. Awesome. Exhilirating. Amazing. Beautiful. Words do not adequately describe the experience.
2015-11-30 13:14:07172
B^Q148.Keshe Foundations Releases Free Energy Blue Prints to Anyone! Keshe gave world governments 10 days to move on this and provide to the citizens. Oct 26, 2015 was the deadline. Now you have access to this information because Keshe believes we need to remove the shackles of the energy and banking cartels that would keep us enslaved...
2015-11-01 16:28:01232
B^D149.Come Along if You Dare - Real Time Spiritual Adventure
Wow! Wow! Wow! The previous listing "Enlightenment is a Journey not a Destination" will take you on a Magical Mystery Tour. You must read the books to experience the full impact of that journey. It is a real time journey of events unfolding now! The interview in this posting is a link link explains much and starts at about 6 minutes...
2015-10-27 14:09:45172
B^D150.Enlightenment is a Journey not a Destination
What if a 50,000 year old civilization left holographic records to be discovered on Earth? Are you prepared to look into the darkness to perceive the light? We must all bust through the fear and stop being afraid to look at the false darkness created by a consortium that strives to prevent your evolvement out of their control. That is their greatest fear, so they manipulate wars, banking crisis, tragedies, false flag events, and more to keep you in a constant state of trauma. A magnificent discovery is on the brink of revelation. Interesting that the crisis in Syria is so overwhelming right now also. Hmmm
2015-10-21 16:03:02264