B^v376.The Dark Truth About E-Cigarettes
The graphic is huge so have patience
2013-07-26 16:11:39550
B^O377.Huge Comet Arriving 11.2013
Huge Comet? Really? Could it be something else? Some great research in the 2nd video. They bring up the God thing again. God/Spirit/Divinity has no reason to punish. Why do you think the Universe is billions of yrs old? So we have enough time to get it. That is the point of re-incarnation!
2013-07-26 16:08:31364
{(0)}378.EPIC's Decoded and more you likely do not know
Category Epic: Earth Plant Icon Chronicles. I am not in support of the "God" thing, as a technologically advanced being would appear to be so to non technologically adept societies. Consider: You never, ever saw Star Trek missions promote the God thing - why do we still? Who does that God thing really serve?
2013-07-26 14:47:01492
B^/379.12 Yr old Boy Explains the fallicy of mixing politics and religion for goverment
Hey government leaders - you can't fool them anymore. They see through your BS. Government leaders greatest fear is that the efforts to suppress truth won't work. Spirit is greater than lying governments.
2013-07-23 16:08:36257
B^O380.11 Yr old girl leaves family, would rather die than marry.
This is a very smart child. She is right - it is criminal to rob her of her childhood, education, dreams.
2013-07-23 15:59:32318
5||381.Alien Warning Message Live on TV in the UK
[The transmission] occurred on 26 Nov 77 at 5:12 p.m, 27 years ago, over a British television program...Whether you believe it or not it is a timeless message. As the world leaders are still having a pissing contest with our Earth!!!
2013-07-07 13:06:25271
OMG OMG. Bush and Obama are cancelling out of country trips. Lawyers expound as to how Bush and Obama actions are catching up with them.
2013-07-02 01:13:03277
5||383.Whistleblower Susan Lindauer Exposes 9/11
Extremely disturbing. And she confirms what many already believe - it was an inside job, well planned in advance. The powers that orchestrate such events cannot be human. They are psychopaths.
2013-06-24 12:26:16312
B^\384.Phone Sex
Who else could be listening?
2013-06-23 11:56:09610
5||385.Kansas will arrest Feds who violate Kansas Laws and US Constituition
Then NSA Whistleblower, Thomas Drake explains what is at stake for the USA, if States do not limit the Fed.
2013-06-20 13:21:04234
B^/386.Guests on MSNB, CNN Challenging Protocol
Brand, Greenwald, Rand clarify some points. Then Dylan Ratigan explains, how those who are not voted in and on boards, are manipulating to their own best interest. How these people can sleep at night who contribute to the suffering of humanity, boggles the mind.
2013-06-20 12:50:17436
B^|387.E.W. Jackson of Virginia - Expounds on Sovereignty
E.W. Jackson's Convention Speech - May 18th, 2013. Now that is a politician I could support.
2013-06-17 12:06:59403
B^O388.Congressman Bridenstine Lays Out Indictment Against Obama
Wow! that really sums it up....
2013-06-05 12:51:37377
B^|389.Occupy Istanbul Turkey - Peaceful Protesters Attacked by Police
This is so unnecessary - the violence by the Police.
2013-06-01 17:22:44294
B^J390.Two Bros Just Chillin' in the Pool
Your daily Q.T.
2013-06-01 17:15:08629
B^/391.Patrick Stewart offers wonderful Insight to Domestic Violence and Solutions
It used to be called Shell Shock, now we know it as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Hey I have an idea - Just stop Wars altogether!!! If we all just refused to kill anyone...
2013-06-01 17:08:29309
B^O392.Alien Agenda Revealed
Maybe that is why Obama is not so supportive of Keshe, because Keshe figured out it is all about magnetics... Aliens wanted that kept secret - the magnetics. Good thing "Source" has a different agenda and gets the information though.
2013-05-27 12:19:34412
B^O393.Motor Vehicle Insurance Fraud Attempts Fail
Watch out when you travel in Russia.
2013-05-25 15:33:10414
B^J394.Kids Are Pretty Much Just Tiny Drunk Adults
26 Reasons can't be wrong
2013-05-25 15:16:57831
B^/395.A Healthy Distrust of Government
Illegal to: Use roof rain water for plants, growing food on own property, helping the homeless. This has simply gone too far....What about the authorization of Drones to kill it's own citizens. Isn't that Tyranny or a Dictatorship?
2013-05-25 12:10:03408
B^|396.The Puppu Lullaby
Your Daily Q.T.
2013-05-24 12:49:11464
B^\397.You will Listen only to the Sound of my Voice...Obama Says
There is only 1 truth and it is the truth that I tell you...
2013-05-23 15:10:49500
B^)398.Soldier and Squirrel - Awesomeness Abounds
You Daily Q.T.
2013-05-23 15:06:31596
B^/399.Aliens and More Aliens
Some offered assistance.
2013-05-23 11:06:12692
B^J400.Headless Zombie Drive Through Prank
Hilarity ensues.
2013-05-22 14:26:25619