B^\476.Drone Wars: Civilians push back
"THE first guy who uses a weapon to bring down a drone that's hovering over his house is going to become a folk hero in this country." So said commentator Charles Krauthammer
2013-03-01 15:40:321,154
5||477.If this does not get your Blood Boiling
Then you are brain dead - which is the goal - listen and learn - and take back control of your life.
2013-03-01 15:21:15359
B^O478.This is Outrageous
Is our government wanting to incite civil unrest?
2013-03-01 04:46:02510
B^\479.How to Handle a Homeland Security Stop.
Especially if they have no reason to detain you.
2013-03-01 03:22:16696
B^/480.Ted Nugent further explains that the 2nd Amendment
is our gun carry permit, and more.
2013-03-01 02:44:38467
B^O481.A Daughters Tragedy in Texas about 20 yrs ago
Not much has changed has it.
2013-03-01 02:31:13509
B^/482.Guess the Educational System did NOT ruin her.
They failed to suppress her ability to learn and think. So there is hope. Comment on this video: "I learned more in 1 year out of high school using the internet than I did in my 4 years of high school, so yes our education system is a complete failure."
2013-02-28 07:13:00442
B^/483.Talking to Understand Someone
Why can leaders of governments do this and stop the unnecessary warring.
2013-02-28 07:08:46434
B^/484.Teacher Quits due to Beaurocrat Idiocy
Stark contrast to the "Unleash Your Genius" item below. Creativity and the ability to learn creatively need creative outlets, as shown in the video below.
2013-02-28 07:06:04445
B^/485.Unleash Your Genius
What is your Super Power?
2013-02-28 07:01:25460
B^O486.212 Toxic Chemicals Found in Blood that were Banned over 30 yrs ago!
We are such F*%*)_&#$@ Idiots
2013-02-27 14:06:58302
B^/487.Meteorites! Asteorids! Oh My
His explanation makes sense to me.
2013-02-25 03:01:12462
B^Q488.Saturn Tipping - Whoa! What!
At about 12:00 in the video you will see the evidence.
2013-02-25 02:45:48584
B^O489.Crime Increase in Australia when their Guns were Taken by their Government
Australians advise Americans to not give up their guns! Take that Piers Morgan. Britians say their liberties have been eroded over the last 20 years, and also advise Americans to not give up their guns. Double take that Piers Morgan!!!Listen to how absurd Piers sounds back in Sept, 2012
2013-02-25 02:44:34321
B^J490.Canada's Government Prepares for the Zombie Apocalypse
Canadians are taking the Zombie Apocalypse serious - to keep their boarders safe from USA Zombies.
2013-02-24 07:03:03529
B^)491.Russian Fisherman Rescues Stranded Dog
2013-02-22 04:23:01705
B^/492.The New $100 US Dollar Bill
Oh, please let this be so. Is this an indication that things are really going to change? If we are outta gold - why is it on the $100?
2013-02-22 04:10:05605
B^/493.Artifacts That You Have Never Seen Before
It is pretty clear what is being depicted with these shapes and images within the shapes. These people had the good sense to carve the events, experience, story so that future generations would know the events of history. And now we know what those events were...
2013-02-21 05:31:35461
B^\494.What President Obama Really Thinks and Who He Really Is
Michelle slips up and says "visited his home country in Kenya." There is more to learn...
2013-02-20 03:56:06716
B^O495.Poisoning the Mind - Literally - not a metaphor
"The chemical dumbing down of society." Dr. Blalock
2013-02-20 03:09:07468
B^O496.The Whole Damn Zombie Apocalypse Revolution Explained
This is everything Drake said would happen. Some brilliant Zombie minds figured it out. "After exercising extreme prudence, the OPPT concluded that the corporations operating under the guise of the people’s governments and financial systems were committing treason against the people of this planet without the people’s knowing, willing and intentional consent." Andy Whiteley
2013-02-19 15:17:16589
B^O497.The Truth behind the Zombie Apocalypse
Hold on to your brains – as this will be a brain twisting ride.
2013-02-19 15:09:50513
B^Q498.I'm gonna invest in this.
And I'm gonna wait to get that Tesla car now.
2013-02-19 04:07:23573
B^O499.The Real Reason the Pope is Resigning
Canada maybe not so nice. The RCMP along with the Catholic Church drug, torture, murder the First Nation's children. Turns out the Catholic Church written documents claim that sexually abusing children is only a "secret," not a punishable crime! This is true horror/corruption
2013-02-17 14:39:02434
5||500.The Drone Controversy
Coming to a city you live in....
2013-02-17 04:01:15338