B^)76.Betty White at 95
Gently disguised wisdom from 9.5 decades of life experience.
2017-01-30 17:10:52139
B^/77.Steven Segal on Russia
Not what the Fake News is telling you. Listen and learn.
2017-01-30 16:54:09126
5||78.Can't get over Hillary's Loosing?
Apparently she can't either. If she was a true Patriot, she would be calling for calm and rational thinking. If you can't handle the truth don't watch and stay in your fantasy headspace.
2017-01-30 16:43:290
B^\79.Pizzagate - After a month investigation - some very interesting facts
Pizzagate - After a month investigation - some very interesting facts
2017-01-30 16:38:50106
B^/80.Hearing High Pitched Frequencies?
I have. It starts from a distance then feels like it hovers over me for a couple of seconds then moves off into the distance. Was listening to Nigel Farage, then loaded another page from youtube and this video showed up. Hmmm, If you have been experiencing this high pitched frequency, consider this explanation...Faith Dominoe
2017-01-30 16:30:38143
B^D81.Why Islam is extremely radical
"Islam cannot be reformed because of internal structure of its theology...Quran 2:191 “Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them."...[That means everyone who is not a believer deserves death, What God are they serving?, Faith Dominoe]I think 3rd World War has already begun between civilization and barbaric death cult Islam." by Serkan Engin from Turkey
2017-01-30 16:25:24107
B^J82.Don't Bungee Jump Naked
Your daily QT.
2017-01-30 16:08:10155
$@j@$83.New Announcements Coming for Gringotts8
2017-0130: Check back for updates
2017-01-30 16:06:3395
$@j@$84.The real Ponzi Scheme and the world has been duped
You do not have to stay in the ponzi scheme deception. There is a way out. While you may not be able to get entirely out, you can protect yourself, your family and friends. It will take some time to get yourself educated, so that you can make a clear choice on what is the right for you. Lesson #1
2017-01-02 18:05:50122
(#j#)85.Example of how the Psychopaths Operate
Leah Remini is exposing the hypocracey of Scientology on A&E. Here we have an example of how those in Politics take the words and mix them up to mean something else just like Scientology does to those who do not fall in line. This is a mental illness of intent to cause harm.
2016-12-16 20:55:33330
(#j#)86.This is what you are crying over - Wake up and view the horror
This is what you are crying over - Wake up and view the horror. and
2016-11-13 13:13:0574
B^O87.Smoking Gun - Fake Alien Invastion to Help Hillary!! Really
Finally the tech exposed as to how they fake an alien invastion because Hillary can't win legally or by popular vote. Note how the bottom of the page says "Do Not Distribute, Do Not Copy." Well Anonymous got this for us. Another example of how the Psychopaths and their systems work to manipulate you. #TheEnlightenedPsychopath
2016-10-21 15:54:22193
B^D88.Anonymous Message To The Corrupted Media
"The msm news media are robotic Stooges for the far left psychopaths. They claim 'unbiased' reporting and they are lying hypocrites and traitors. Americans know nothing about Libya or Syria. We go to the internet, 'Inside Russia' website to hear any truth. Anonymous, Snowden, Assange are 'freedom fighters against this hillary-esque crime cartel." by Commentor on the youtube video
2016-10-20 12:53:04142
$@j@$89.Gringott8 Grand Opening
Decentralization and Distruption technology is the new emerging technology that will create freedom and beyond for all peoples of the world. Join the FB private group: Gringotts8.
2016-09-09 01:55:37147
Ever thought about where a suicide bomber and the victims end up? A Department of Peace has been offered to the US Congress since the mid 1700's as a Bill. Never been passed everytime it is submitted. Why? Perhaps because there is no $$$ in Peace and only $$ to keep the Wars going.
2016-09-08 13:37:54184
(#j#)91.Companies bullying other countries companies for Profit via TPP, TTIP and TISA
So do you know what TPP, TTIP and TISA are? International Legalized Bullying and no recourse for those legally bullied? What? The best we can come up with is this: George Orwell wrote in 1944 that "the word 'Fascism' is almost entirely meaningless ... almost any English person would accept 'bully' as a synonym for 'Fascist."
2016-08-29 16:13:1192
B^D92.This short video is packed with information to set you free from the Psychopathic Systems
This short video is packed with information to set you free from the Psychopathic Systems. The issue is that for the psychopaths and their systems to propagate it takes the enlightened to do nothing. We live in a 3D experience and must use the tools available to us to create the changes the world needs. Faith Dominoe #TheEnlightenedPsychopath
2016-08-29 14:52:35127
B^/93.There Be Giants...In The USA
Literally and for real and in a Sleeping Beauty state. Found in 2015. Referenced in the 2nd video around 1:10 into the lecture.
2016-08-26 09:36:20174
(#j#)94.An Inside Expose on a Psychopathic System Smooth Operation
"What possesses powerful, wealthy, and educated persons to prey on the most desperately poor humans on earth as they posture as "philanthropists”? And why has there been no government oversight?" Source:
2016-08-03 12:09:47115
B^D95.The Psychopathic Matrix Revealed, created by Psychopaths
The "enlightened" must not be fearful to look at, study, assess the psychopathic matrix created by psychopaths to deceive us. Once you know their deceptive tricks within that matrix you have the freedom you are entitled to, just because you are you. We are all spiritual beings and we all deserve to be honored and treated as such. What a different world this would be. Faith Dominoe #TheEnlightenedPsychopath
2016-07-31 12:38:45118
B^O96.37 US Cities Targeted Friday July 15, 2016 for Violence
We hope this is not true. Info put out on the Dark Web. Unknown if this is just a hoax. Please be on the alert and stay safe. Website:
2016-07-14 12:41:14196
(#j#)97.Great Expose' on the workings of the Psychopathic Mind
First video - turn off the sound and watch her face. What do you notice? Second video - Finally someone says it at about 10:00 minutes in and it is a woman who says it. Learn the tools of the psychopath. You will be accused of what they are guilty of. Third video is an expose' on the characteristics of how the psychopaths utilize the psychopathic systems. If this does not wake you up - then you just do not get it.
2016-07-08 15:47:31115
(#j#)98.There are no words that can cover this other than the category "psychopathic"
"The psychopath is the apex predator of the human race, and if your are not like them you can't keep up the pace." Faith Dominoe #TheEnlightenedPsychopath - This is a prime example of the deceptive practices of the psychopathic predator with their systems in place to take advantage and how to support other psychopathic systems...pretending they are doing good. Fox News is the Toto and pulled back the curtain and looked.
2016-07-01 15:34:03109
B^/99.Which Person are you Aligned with?
"Be All That You Can Be" becomes clear as you choose your life path and you choose to be part of the darkness or part of the light. Notice that choosing the light means you will be challenged by the dark. Are you up to the challenge? Faith Dominoe, #TheEnlightenedPsychopath
2016-06-28 11:53:30187
B^D100.Busting the Psychopathic Systems Narrative Part 6
Toto reveals what is behind the curtain and more. Succinct, clear dialogue from a deep thinker who can explain it all very quickly.
2016-06-26 14:54:54149