5||151.There Be Giants....
From "The Ruiner." A non compliant, rebellious illuminati recruit, reveals a different kind of agenda....
2015-09-22 12:17:00128
5||152.David Wilcock interviews Drake July 2015
Just cool your jets and calm down and listen to some reason.
2015-09-15 11:37:59152
B^v153.Autism, Cancer, Bacteria proliferate due to Vaccines prevent GcMaf
Wholistic Doctors murdered to prevent you from knowing how to optimize your health and reverse ailments.
2015-09-12 13:32:23319
B^D154."Free your Mind" said Morpheous to Neo in The Matrix
Just how do your "free your mind?" By healing your mind. Now how to do you heal your mind. It is a practice called "fearless forgiveness." Every time you feel fear, anxiety, hate, apprehension, afraid, resentment, anger, etc - it all stems from "fear," and all fear needs forgiveness. Enlightenment is a process you actively engage your mind to participate in...
2015-09-09 17:08:44203
(#j#)155.This is Beyond Psychopathic....
How has such horror been allowed to flurish. Because it is kept secret and used to control those in power. Again, it takes a woman to tell the truth, about this abhorent horror - Wife of General George Griggs, Katherine Pollard Griggs...This is about 8 hours of an expose' on true horror. You may need to take in small doses...
2015-09-07 14:14:19262
B^O156.You have got to watch Sense8 on Netflix.
You have got to watch Sense8 on Netflix. It will twist you up in a metaphorical whirl wind for the mind. Enjoy.
2015-09-06 14:50:39351
B^D157.Coming out of the Informational Closet - Wahoo for David Wilcock Pt 2
Coming out of the Informational Closet - Wahoo for David Wilcock Pt 2
2015-09-06 14:14:50731
B^D158.Coming out of the Informational Closet - Wahoo for David Wilcock
I have been waiting for this. You may not think this belongs in the Enlightenment category. Not all "enlightenment" is fun. Enlightenment can at times be an excruciating discovery, and the world you believed in is shattered. Sometimes that is how you must heal from your unenlightened stupor. Faith Dominoe
2015-09-06 13:53:29730
5||159.Disclosure from the USA Government - Don't Hold Your Breath
Disclosure has been available for years and it won't come from any Government, because they cannot tell you what is really going on and has been for the last 50 years. If you dare to listen to this prepared to be shocked. It also answers many questions about things that just do not make sense.
2015-07-31 13:52:2194
5||160.Secret Space Program Whistleblower
Secret Space Program Whistleblower
2015-07-24 17:45:03141
B^D161.The Enlightenment Process is a State of Mind
The ego [the mind that believes in separation from the Divine Source] makes illusions. Conflict must be resolved...
2015-07-24 15:59:45272
5||162.Intergalactic Energy Wave Update 2015
You must listen and tell everyone you know to listen. Whether you believe or not, you will be prepared should you witness high strangeness. Hint: Do not react to anything - Not gun issues, race issues, bay/lesbian issues, any news reported issues. Do Not React. Keep your self stable and grounded, and help others stay stable and grounded.
2015-07-20 11:49:15145
B^O163.Walmart - Lowes - Colleges - Home Depot - Jade Helm - Underground Tunnels?
What do they have in Common?
2015-07-13 13:52:24323
(#j#)164.More Jade Helm - Movie Makers have to Inform the Local Authorities
about the Psychopathic actions of the Government. Why??? Amerigeddeon coming to Netflix in November by the Mike Norris, the Son of Chuck Norris.
2015-07-12 16:09:42155
B^D165.Ken Wilbur - Bodhisattvas in Hell
or How to Handle Horror Events. How to navigate the psyhopathic systems that would hold back your awakening.
2015-07-06 16:19:45275
B^D166.Ken Wilber on the Integral Life
What is the difference between being Religious and Spiritual? A great interview to help understand the choice you have made. Remember you can always make a different choice.
2015-07-06 16:13:52308
B^D167.Religion Separates due to the Absence of a Contemplative Practice
I have noticed that Religious people here in the USA, cannot allow non-religious spiritual thought, and yet those who practice a spiritual thought journey, can allow the Religious journey. Why?
2015-07-05 13:47:25160
B^D168.Integral Life Internet Radio - Listen 24/7
2015-07-04 14:50:24263
B^D169.Ken Wilber on Ethics and Enlightenment
Ethics and Morality are not the same thing. When your Ethics and Morality are in alignment and that becomes your every momentary practice, that paves the way for moments if higher realizations, which is the enlightenment process.
2015-07-04 13:45:46269
B^D170.The Matrix Revealed by The Wachowski's
To day we start a new category on Divine Dominoes: "Enlightenment" We start this new series off with The Wachowski's detailing the message of the Matrix Series. Prepare for your enlightenment. Then we will follow up with the great Philosopher Ken Wilbur that will strengthen your understanding the enlightenment process. Just realized we are starting this on 7.04.15 Independence Day in the USA. Hmmm - Must be a Divine Dominoe...
2015-07-04 13:44:28249
B^O171.Notes from the Dr. Simon Atkins internet radio interview
from Phoenix Rising Radio:
2015-07-01 14:56:21387
(#j#)172.Psychopathic Erriness in all of it's Glory - Was Robin Williams a Message
To those in Hollywood to shut up about the Child Pedophelia ring, the drugging to control the rebellion and steal the Actors $$$, to keep quite about the psychopathic control...DO NOT WATCH UNLESS YOU CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH ABOUT THE DARK SIDE OF HOLLYWOOD...
2015-07-01 14:17:44127
B^O173.Jade Helm is just the Cover Story. Jade 2 is the AI Quamtum Computing
Taking the information gathered from surveillance, Facebook, LinkedIn, The Cloud, Your Devices, and more, to determine if you will demonstrate a behavior out the normal parameters, to determine if you are a threat. How will this be deployed? I'm thinking DRONES, possibly. Whatever is broadcast to get you to react - Don't react. Keep calm and do not succumb to the fear the psychopaths and their systems seek to evoke from you.
2015-07-01 12:10:11217
B^|174.Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot Portal - A Very Very Brave Woman
We have lost many hours of sleep listening to her interviews. She covers topics others are afraid to touch. This woman deserves an award!
2015-07-01 11:45:18187
5||175.David Wilcock Shares Controversial Information to Consider
Whether you agree or not, take the time to listen, then ponder, then observe events. If true then you are prepared with knowledge. Should these things occur, you can help your friends and family members to be aware. Have them listen to this...
2015-06-29 11:32:5053