B^D151.Ken Wilber on Ethics and Enlightenment
Ethics and Morality are not the same thing. When your Ethics and Morality are in alignment and that becomes your every momentary practice, that paves the way for moments if higher realizations, which is the enlightenment process.
2015-07-04 13:45:46237
B^D152.The Matrix Revealed by The Wachowski's
To day we start a new category on Divine Dominoes: "Enlightenment" We start this new series off with The Wachowski's detailing the message of the Matrix Series. Prepare for your enlightenment. Then we will follow up with the great Philosopher Ken Wilbur that will strengthen your understanding the enlightenment process. Just realized we are starting this on 7.04.15 Independence Day in the USA. Hmmm - Must be a Divine Dominoe...
2015-07-04 13:44:28211
B^O153.Notes from the Dr. Simon Atkins internet radio interview
from Phoenix Rising Radio:
2015-07-01 14:56:21343
(#j#)154.Psychopathic Erriness in all of it's Glory - Was Robin Williams a Message
To those in Hollywood to shut up about the Child Pedophelia ring, the drugging to control the rebellion and steal the Actors $$$, to keep quite about the psychopathic control...DO NOT WATCH UNLESS YOU CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH ABOUT THE DARK SIDE OF HOLLYWOOD...
2015-07-01 14:17:4494
B^O155.Jade Helm is just the Cover Story. Jade 2 is the AI Quamtum Computing
Taking the information gathered from surveillance, Facebook, LinkedIn, The Cloud, Your Devices, and more, to determine if you will demonstrate a behavior out the normal parameters, to determine if you are a threat. How will this be deployed? I'm thinking DRONES, possibly. Whatever is broadcast to get you to react - Don't react. Keep calm and do not succumb to the fear the psychopaths and their systems seek to evoke from you.
2015-07-01 12:10:11195
B^|156.Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot Portal - A Very Very Brave Woman
We have lost many hours of sleep listening to her interviews. She covers topics others are afraid to touch. This woman deserves an award!
2015-07-01 11:45:18115
5||157.David Wilcock Shares Controversial Information to Consider
Whether you agree or not, take the time to listen, then ponder, then observe events. If true then you are prepared with knowledge. Should these things occur, you can help your friends and family members to be aware. Have them listen to this...
2015-06-29 11:32:5053
(#j#)158.Psychopathic Cover UP of the Moon Phenomena
We have never voted to have our Government or Agencies "lie to us", nor "threaten us for telling the truth," nor to have "whistleblowers turned into criminals", nor to "cover up discoveries of anomalies in Space", etc. We pay for these discoveries from our taxes. We own this information...
2015-06-22 13:56:25152
B^O159.Jade Helm might be a preparation for an unusual eruption of Energy
where these energies might cause people to react very strange, who have previously not reacted strangely. There is time now to prepare for this possibly around September 15 to 17, 2015 or there abouts. A common symptom will be unusual sleep patterns, and needing more sleep during this time.
2015-06-20 15:35:39177
(#j#)160.Jade Helm, Cloward Pivens Strategy, Gov of Texas - Part of the Psychopathic Plan?
What does Jade Helm, Cloward Pivens Strategy, Gov of Texas Gregg Abbot (2015) have in common? You are being boiled like the frog in the pot to extinction and you don't know it! "Free Your Mind!", Morpheous, The Matrix (movie, 1999) Watch it. Learn the metaphors - Free your mind...
2015-06-19 13:44:12417
B^/161.The Genious of Dan Aykroid Revealed
The video title should be named as above.
2015-06-11 12:30:41233
B^/162.They Fear we will Awaken and see through the False Matrix
He is controversial, however, much of what he shares could be the case. Keep an open mind...
2015-06-11 11:13:11228
(#j#)163.David Icke - Love him or Hate him - He confirms Elite Pedophelia and more
Do not view or listen to this if you can't handle having your whole world view destroyed. One pill takes you into the illusion. One pill helps you to see through and step out of the illusion. Which pill will you choose? Faith Dominoe
2015-06-06 12:10:3793
(#j#)164.Stealing Childhood and the Coverup by those in Power of Pedophelia
Suicide of young actors now makes sense....Children betrayed by their Parents to whom they trust in for their Safety...Corey Feldman reveals pedophelia in Hollywood.
2015-06-06 11:17:5778
(#j#)165.Psychopathic Cover UP of Systemic Pedophelia - USA
What you are about to view is horrific. Get out your vomit bucket - A 1 foot high stack of documents given to authorities about pedophilia abuse perpetrated on young boys from Boys Town, was never investigated by authorities. One has to wonder why? When the investigation finally took place, a Senator and others were told not to continue with the hearings...Discovery Channel never aired this documentary. Again one has to wonder why?
2015-06-06 11:05:24144
B^/166.Super Bowl 2015 Half Time Symbolism
Is this what Bill Cooper indicated that "you will be told what "they" are up to before they carry out the plan." It does not matter if you do no believe this information. "They" believe it and are endeavoring to move forward. You will be shocked at the subtle symbolism in the 2nd Video....
2015-06-05 11:58:50230
(#j#)167.William Cooper (Deceased) Exposes the Psychopathic Agenda in 1992
Your experience is a False Flag artificially created Matrix. William Cooper helps you to see through this artificial matrix back in 1992. A great history lesson.
2015-06-05 11:09:0867
B^O168.It takes a woman to tell the truth - This brave soldier reveals that
if you do not take the Swine Flu shot - you will be sent to the FEMA concentration camps. First they will take your guns, could this be how it begins? This is from 2009, and it still could be viable. One has to wonder if that is why Piers Morgan was hired...He wanted us to give up our tuns....
2015-05-30 15:01:42183
B^O169.You could be labeled a "T______t" and not even realize it.
You are considered a "T______t" if you voted for Ron Paul, opposed to the Gov't policies, believe in sanctity of life, can put away without representation or access to family...[A tyrannical psychopathic leader or system is dong this in the disguise of protecting the rest of you, because the
2015-05-30 14:55:02161
B^/170.Possible Signs of USA Currency Manipulation for Martial Law
Possible Signs of USA Currency Manipulation for Martial Law
2015-05-30 14:16:30162
B^{}171.Black Knight Satellite in Polar Orbit around Earth
Possibly 13,000 yrs old. Mysteries abound.
2015-05-30 13:07:55163
(#j#)172.The World's Psychopathic System, Minions and Agenda
Excerpted from a much larger expose'. We have captured the essence, however we encourage you to read the whole article.
2015-05-29 15:11:54406
B^J173.The Little Station that Could - Sort of
Well at least it is cheap entertainment. We need some humor anyway - as we traverse our way out of the Psychopathic Universe. More shows available at with much less confusion and errors. What can you say for an all volunteer crew? They do their best for no pay.
2015-05-19 16:51:46297
B^)174.Wolves Restore River in Yellowstone
Wolves get bad press. They are the balancers of Nature as demonstrated by their re-introduction after 70 years of absence.
2015-05-19 15:52:25275
(#j#)175.A Psychopath and His Psychopathic System Exposed
One has to wonder if this was the plan all along with all of those Billions earned from Microsoft? The horrors of experimenting with vaccines....Observe a very intelligent psychopath at work, note how he diverts and does not directly answer questions. This is a master psychopath. Just step off of his Chess Board
2015-05-19 13:50:12133