B^/726.Twitter Learns the "Titanic" is more that just a Movie
Hmmm. The Titanic sinking happened before I was born and I am a few decades of age. We never studied it in history class. How did I know it was real? There was no Facebook, Internet, Twitter, Email, TV or phones, when I was kid. So how did I know it was rea1. Something to Ponder on...
2012-04-23 13:06:46498
5||727.Think you know the financial history of the USA?
You probably don't know these things, which are the foundation for the current fabricated financial crisis
2012-04-23 12:46:58483
5||728.Iceland Pushes Back on European Bail Out and Wins!
We can all win, and take back the power that has been surreptitiously stolen from us!
2012-04-22 14:14:43808
5||729.Updates from a different point of view
From the Other Desk, To that Desk, To our Desk, To your Desk
2012-04-22 13:42:24540
B^J730.Extreme Idiots
Yup. Yup.
2012-04-22 02:00:45669
B^|731.Dog Does Double Dutch
He must have been human in a previous life.
2012-04-22 01:53:26581
5||732.The Origins of the 3 Timelines
"To the Future and Beyond." Buzz Lightyear
2012-04-20 14:32:14491
5||733.More Advamcememts ffrom Timeline 3
Liens filed against 12 Federal Reserve Banks: "After many years, the public outrage is now sufficiently high that the will of the people has become more than sufficient to take these steps."
2012-04-20 13:51:10514
5||734.Timeline 3 Still Advancing
It only takes 1% to be aware, and shift us all. I am sure there is more than 1% aware. Perhaps that is why so much is occurring or is about to occur to shift us out of the less than wholesome agenda.
2012-04-19 13:49:42525
B^/735.The Owl and Pussy Cat and other odd parings
Not the story, not the song, this is real and very hmmm, what is the word? Interesting, strange, thought provoking, anyway somethings to Ponder upon.
2012-04-19 12:19:08601
5||736.Men In Black
MIB's (Men In Black) are real and not just in the movies! It is unclear yet as to which Timeline they are supporting, i.e. 1,2 or 3. Hmmmm
2012-04-19 12:16:38589
[:]^[]737.Canada's New $100 Bank Note
Anti "counter fit" measures. Very clever Canada.
2012-04-16 11:56:57726
B^/738.Excellent Expose' on Codes, in Paintings, Architechture, and more
Almost 4 hours. Remember belief effects outcome. Such symbology is not needed by the Divine Source. Only the human ego needs to classify or give significance to things. Many agree that our experience is a collective holographic projection.
2012-04-15 12:41:34464
5||739.Sunday Afternoon Weird
View at your own risk.
2012-04-15 12:36:38529
[:]^[]740.Oops! There is a 3D Replicator for food
At least for chocolate lovers....
2012-04-15 11:43:08733
[:]^[]741.3D Printing
Kinda like the "Replicator" of Star Trek. No food or drink yet...
2012-04-15 11:40:14811
B^|742.Super View Sunday
Ponder, watch, enjoy
2012-04-15 10:54:36542
B^J743.We Cannot Escape Ourselves
Clearly demonstrated by Henri the Cat. Your daily Q.T.
2012-04-13 12:13:33602
5||744.More examples of Timeline 1
These things have got to go.
2012-04-12 13:26:02506
B^J745.Do Not Push the Button
Especially the "Red" one!
2012-04-12 12:31:35615
If you got something you want to tell me, you call me, and not while driving either unless you have the hands free equipment! I don't text and am not going to start, and here's just one reason why...
2012-04-11 19:00:13494
B^J747.Now That's an Upgrade
Your daily Q.T.
2012-04-11 13:03:22610
B^|748.Classic Dance Moves to Pop Music
Now that's clever. Someone put a lot of effort to sync those moves and music. Could almost qualify as a Daily Q.T. Anyway it made me smile.
2012-04-11 12:18:38579
B^v749.Cancer's Last Stand
A very simple way to improve your overall health
2012-04-09 03:11:08955
B^/750.Primates prefer primates
Your daily Q.T.
2012-04-08 13:55:15547